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Voices of Eternity - Reviews

 "What endeared me most about Blood & Iron is the complete lack of pomp and/or over the top theatrics that typically accompany so-called 'traditional' metal bands today. While at times VOICES OF ETERNITY has moments of grandiosity, it is at its core, a very straightforward, no bullshit album. The album will win over some through its nostalgia and others through its ingenuity. But eitherway, chances are that VOICES OF ETERNITY will win you over."

- Aaron Yurkiewicz (Metal-rules)   Score: 4.0/5    View full review


"In the past, most everything pitched to me from India in the metal genre has been from the extreme end, like black and death metal, something I have no interest in. Bangalore's Blood & Iron is no such band. There chosen metal is essentially classic melodic heavy/power metal, ranging from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal to it's German and American counterparts."

Craig Hartranft (DangerDog)    Score: 4.5/5    View full review


"Hailing from India we have the very impressive Blood & Iron,they formed in  2005 in Bangalore India, this band play pure metal and "Voices of Eternity" is a sterling effort from a band I wasnt familiar with, mean when I think of India I think of Food and heat, not a classic sounding metal behemoth that Blood & Iron clearly are."

- The Metal Gods Meltdown    View full review


"Blood & Iron’s approach is one we desperately need more of in 2013. Uncluttered by overproduction or overreaching progressive conceits, they rely on a rare method to get results: writing great songs." 

- Andrew Milne(Heathenharvest)  Score: 4.5/5    View full review


"Attention to metal without clumsy fists stretching and alleged death for the scene - this is what distinguishes BLOOD & IRON from audible. Voices of Eternity is next to the classics of LETHAL, MALICE and early FATES WARNING."

- Andreas Schiffmann (musikreviews)  Score: 11/15    View full review


"I can see myself playing this album again and again, it's great fast and heavy, power metal with true emotional pull. It's constantly changing, and with so many musicians featured, there's never a dull or repetitive moment. That's probably the most memorable thing I'll take with me on the record, I never really heard a moment that reminded me of another. It's very fresh and exciting, and if more bands could pull this off, we'd have much stronger metal scenes worldwide." 

- Mattie Jensen (Metalwani)     View full review


"You know, when I think about India, the first things that usually spring into mind is their food, their religion, and their love of Bollywood music, so I got quite a surprise when I received a promo from a Heavy Metal band based in India. This did begin to worry me, as India is not really a Heavy Metal music country, so I did have my doubts about this album. But I’ll do a quick summary of my overall impressions, which is for something that is from a country who usually specialize in Bollywood music; it’s really not bad at all."

 - Marcus Kemp (Metal-temple)     View full review